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This has been designed as a first level course incorporating fundamental occupational health and safety knowledge for all employees that will enable them to contribute to any health and safety management system.

The programme covers a defined syllabus and is assessed by a short objective test consisting of 30 multi-choice questions, and run over one day Oral tests are available to ensure that candidates with learning difficulties or disabilities can also access the training and achieve success.

Elements of study within the syllabus include the following:

Health and safety at work
Health and safety law
Prevention of accidents and ill health
First aid at work
Personal protective equipment
Workplace health, safety and welfare
Work equipment
Fire prevention
Occupational health
Hazardous substances
Ergonomics and workstation design
Manual handling

Delivering Training Excellence

The requirement for good health and safety practices in the workplace is enshrined in law but as importantly is a responsibility shared by all. Business owners and managers must ensure that policies and procedures are in place to protect not only workers but also visitors to the premises.
It is essential to promote a health and safety culture in any workplace and a significant element in this strategy is the need to have a well trained and knowledgable workforce at all levels.

There are existing opportunities to train managers and operators but until now there has been little opportunity to train those at middle management levels.

'Supervising Health & Safety' combines a relevant training programme with a radically new and accessible training protocol.

This course is run over 3 days

Delivering Training Excellence

The legal requirement to train employees should extend beyond awareness and understanding of health and safety issues. In addition there is a clear need for key personnel to have the skills and knowledge to manage the health and safety function.

The CIEH Advanced Certificate in Health & Safety in the Workplace is designed for those working in any business regardless of their product or service range. It is essential for all those who have an employment role that includes a responsibility for the management of health and safety issues.

It is also an appropriate technical qualification for those wishing to apply to offer level 1 training. The programme covers a defined syllabus requiring a minimum of 40 hours tuition time and students are assessed on their performance in a 3 hour examination representing 60% of the final grade and two course assignments representing the remaining 40%.

Successful Advanced candidates will be able to manage health and safety in most businesses, by developing auditing and monitoring programmes, designing safe practices and procedures, liaison with enforcement officers, interpreting legal requirements, staff training, and establishing risk assessment projects (with additional training where necessary). 

This course is run over 5 days