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Training dedicated to the Trade
AA Training provide a full range of training for the licensed and hospitality trade. From trade specific courses from Licensing and Food Safety, to the skills needed to manage and develop a business, we can deliver it.

 We’re different because of our superb pass rates on qualifications and our skills in helping delegates apply what they’ve learned. We make the course enjoyable. Delegates like coming on our training so they get more out of it. Our tutors help delegates to take a real interest in what they’re learning by applying the theory to what they actually do in their jobs.

How do you benefit from AA Training?

Pubs We are specialists in helping staff get their Personal Licence qualifications and training staff to be a DPS. Together with BIIAB exams, Door Supervisor training and Food Hygiene we can provide everything needed to operate a legal and safe pub.

Our Conflict Management course shows you how to deal with awkward or aggressive customers. Those people that won’t leave, or try to put one over on you, or get drunk and aggressive. Conflict Management isn’t about self-defence or security, it’s about how to identify and manage these situations before they arise so you don’t have to deal with them.

Bars & Nightclubs A single complaint to the Local Authority regarding any one of the 4 tenets of the Licensing Laws can lead to a review. If you are subject to review it generates local bad publicity and a lot of work from you. If you breach the laws it can ultimately lead to £20,000 fines or prison, let alone the loss to earnings from a loss of licence. But you can avoid all that by demonstrating that you exercise ‘due diligence’. Attending courses from AA Training demonstrates that you are practising due diligence in following licensing regulation – you get to ‘tick the box’.

Off-licences Off-licences have to follow licensing regulations and employ a DPS, as well as allowing for Safe Handling and ensuring you can deal with awkward customers and maintain security against both break-ins and shoplifting. There’s also the benefit of having well-trained staff who are able to run the premises in your absence and generate more profit for you. We’ve put together a course specifically for off-licensed premises which covers all these aspects.

Independent Restaurants AA Training have courses specifically aimed at the restaurant trade. From Food Hygiene to Licensing we can ensure that you and your staff have all the necessary qualifications and knowledge to run a successful and legal restaurant.

General management Working in the hospitality trade means more than licensing, Food Hygiene, Door Supervisors etc, you also have to manage a business. So we also offer courses on everything from Conflict Management to marketing, recruitment, people management and finance.

AA Training have venues throughout the UK, including Cheshire, Devon, London, Shropshire, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Aberdeen and East Kilbride, so there will always be one near you.

Alternatively, we’ll come to you and deliver in-house training, either for an existing course or one you’d like just for your staff.

If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us via

E-Mail - admin@aa-training.com